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If the resurrected corpse of…..

"If the resurrected corpse of Lenny Bruce was to conceive a love child with Phillis Diller, then Jae would be the result." - Huston Huddleston, Founder at The Hollywood Science Fiction Museum and the Hollywood Horror Museum Todd Braley, Producer/Director/Writer of the TV series "Surviving the Undead" which broadcasted live

Jae B. Wells introduces a big whopping slice…..

“Jae B. Wells introduces a big whopping slice of her own private Americana... a fun read and a ringside seat into her Kansas plains version of Garrison Keillor's Lake Wobegon.”-Christian Stokes, known for appearing as a stuntman in “Revolution” and Escape Plan, is also Actor/Producer/Director of the Zomb Squad. “The